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You deserve to enjoy your retirement when you have worked hard your entire life. Depend on the legacy law and elder law firm of White & Jocham for your trust, wills, retirement, and estate planning needs. Whether you are planning for your own future or have an aging relative who needs guidance, we are here to help. We serve clients throughout Indianapolis, IN, Hancock County, Henry County, and beyond. 

Our Practice Areas

We take the stress and worry out of your estate planning needs by offering structured solutions to meet your goals best. Our team works nearly exclusively on meeting your estate planning, elder law, probate law needs, and more. With careful attention to detail on every case, our experienced attorneys will work diligently to help make sure you have quality legal advice when it comes time to ensure that your assets are protected for future generations.

Our Philosophy

Planning for your future doesn’t have to be daunting. The experienced lawyers at White & Jocham are dedicated to ensuring that your estate is managed correctly, your rights are protected, and that, above all else, your voice is heard. We look forward to helping you navigate estate planning, wills, trusts, and more.

We strive to keep clients informed.

"We very much appreciated Jason's direct and down-to-earth approach. He reviewed our paperwork thoroughly, asked questions, and reassured us that we were in good shape. I so appreciate honesty and a quick response!"

-Sam & Amanda

"I have been in the legal field for over 45 years and honestly have never worked with a firm like White & Jocham. They actually care about their clients. I highly recommend them for any estate planning and/or tax services (which I later took advantage of) you may need."


"From the first moment I sat in his chair, it felt like he lifted a heavy weight off my shoulders. He did an excellent job creating a plan and ensuring a smooth transition for my mother's care. If you need an Elder Law Attorney or help to navigate Medicaid, DO NOT HESITATE to call White & Jocham."


"My brother and I needed to obtain Guardianship of our Mother, who has Alzheimer's. We had no idea how even to begin. White & Jocham went above and beyond to help us through every obstacle. They were constantly contacting us, answering questions, and giving us the support we needed."


"White & Jocham were so helpful to my sister and me when we needed to get my mother qualified for Medicaid. They are very professional and knowledgeable about this topic. They certainly made my life easier when I needed to help my mother. If you need someone to help you with Medicaid or financial planning, Jason White is the person to contact. They are the best."


"Jason and his staff were very professional and helpful to my mom, sister, and me! My Father was moved to a Long Term care facility, and we needed to get his affairs in order - their case was very complicated, and he made this process amazingly easy for my Mother to go through! I would definitely recommend him!"