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For many people, making provisions to ensure the long-term security and prosperity of themselves and their families is a significant task. At White & Jocham, we understand this responsibility and its unique challenges. We provide professional legal services that are tailored to individuals over the age of 50, including tax preparation, retirement planning, elder law guidance, and more. We are committed to providing kind and compassionate legal advice with sensitivity toward your situation at every step.

Our office is in Greenfield; however, we serve clients throughout Central Indiana, including Shelby County, Indianapolis, and beyond.

Client Portal Guide

Our clients enjoy the benefits of our personalized client portal. It’s accessible 24/7 online and provides a secure environment for us to share case information and billing information and communicate with you, our clients. Instead of depending on scattered communication channels (email, phone, text message, snail mail), the client portal becomes our one-and-only platform for communication. All of the features within the client portal are intended to save you time and decrease stress while improving the communication, efficiency, and convenience associated with your case. If you have questions about navigating the client portal, do not hesitate to call us today at 317-462-1401.

Client Portal Features


The calendar is a feature accessible by both you and your attorney, integrating all upcoming events relevant to your case.

Invoicing & Payments

The client portal lets you view or download any invoices associated with your case and make secure online payments via credit card or eCheck.

Document Sharing

Avoid faxing, emailing, and snail mail by simply uploading your case documents into the secure client portal, where you and connected staff members can view and access them.

Secure Communication

With our client portal, you can easily send secure messages to your attorney or their staff, and all messages will be organized and filed for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a will?

A common misconception many believe is that wills are only for the wealthy. Everyone collects assets over time, whether in multiple properties, businesses, or just money in the bank. In the event of the unthinkable, your will provides clear, crucial instructions for your loved ones. Questions like, “Who gets what?” “Who’s in charge?” and other important questions are all accounted for in a will.

What happens if I don’t leave behind a will?

When you don’t leave behind a will, it leaves room for confusion, misinterpretation, and potential infighting and drama for your family and friends. A will is similar to a roadmap; without the guide, your loved ones will be completely lost. However, if you do not leave a will, the court will determine an executor.

How are my assets divided?

When you plan your estate with the help of an estate planning lawyer, we will help you create outlines with the intended recipients of assets. Plan for your future and collaborate with the skilled attorneys at White & Jocham.

What is probate?

When you pass away, your assets don’t magically appear on someone’s doorstep. If a will is left behind, it is the first step in a complex and lengthy process called probate. Your executor will serve as the intermediary between the probate court and the rest of your beneficiaries, and they’ll oversee that everyone receives what they’re owed.

Probate involves tracking your assets and getting your assets valued by professionals. Your debts will have to be paid off, and (if your estate is large enough) estate taxes will also have to be paid off. It’s a complicated and lengthy process, and your beneficiaries won’t see a cent until everything else is squared away.

How can an estate planning attorney help me?

Having experienced, skillful legal counsel in your corner while planning your estate is essential. While many assume that estate planning attorney’s only handle wills and trusts, the attorneys at White & Jocham go above and beyond.

Our estate planning lawyers ensure you’re looked after when you can no longer care for yourself and that your loved ones who rely on your support will be cared for after your death.

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