Montana Elder Law

  1. What is an elder law attorney?

A lawyer who practices Montana elder law assists in the estate planning process. Whether a client is creating a living will for the first time or editing a pre-existing estate plan document, an elder law attorney can help. If you or a loved one is experiencing elder abuse within a nursing home, hospital, or hospice, an attorney can assist you, and get you the proper care and compensation you deserve. 

  1. An elder law attorney can help you with a contested estate

The loss of a loved one can be extremely difficult for a family. However, if you are dealing with a contested will or estate, it can be even more challenging. Instead of allowing time for yourself to grieve, you have to contest at court, and fight for the wishes and distribution of your passed loved one. Don’t fight this battle alone, but allow an elder law attorney at Silverman Law Office, PLLC to assist you with this process. They will carry the burden so that their client’s family can properly grieve in peace. 

  1. An elder law attorney can help you avoid a contested estate 

Due to the nature of their profession, elder law attorneys have sage advice when it comes to planning and preparing your estate to be distributed. They have seen firsthand the devastation that can arise if the estate is not carefully accounted for, and the beneficiaries thought of. For this reason, elder law attorneys strongly recommend that the estate owner communicate their intent to their beneficiaries. If the estate owner talks to their family members and indicates who will be given what, and why, it will greatly reduce the likelihood of a contested estate upon your passing. 

  1. An elder law attorney will ensure you follow state and tax laws

If you are worried that your will or estate can be contested due to state and tax laws, rest assured that an attorney can help. As an elder law attorney it is part of their job to understand specific state laws, and tax considerations concerning their estate. Each state has its own set of rules and protocols allowed for estate planning. Your attorney will be knowledgeable about those laws and will hold your estate up to those standards. 

  1. An elder law attorney will help set up your estate’s executor 

Selecting the executor of your estate is a very important decision, and should not be made lightly. Your executor will be responsible to carry out your instructions and will be potentially making decisions in your best interest. Choosing someone who you trust wholeheartedly is crucial. The executor of the estate will also be in charge of communicating and distributing your assets to your beneficiaries, as well as paying any outstanding debt the estate owes. Your executor may have to fight for your wishes if the estate is contested. However, they will have the support and guidance of an elder law attorney on their side.